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Roller Door
A roller door can be a great solution due to the number of benefits it has over other types of doors.
CKR Doors
Roller Grills
Roller grills are used in both commercial establishments as well as in residential apartments. In all restaurants and bars in New Zealand you will have this.
CKR Doors
Sectional Doors
In upscale commercial areas with sectional doors. It is commonplace. In case you are looking for a suitable door to keep it covered.
CKR Doors

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No one likes it when equipment breaks down. Everyone wants a smooth ride. We at CKR Doors understand your needs thoroughly. Whatever your working hours are we are here to help you.

We understand the importance of your business and your time as well whatever it may be. Ensuring that clients, staff , and vehicles have access to and from your premises is why we are at your disposal 24/7 for 365 days of a calendar year. Our team will make sure that your clients can get through the doors easily without hassles.

CKR team is well versed and experienced in installing and servicing all automatic and manual doors including our own automatic door brands. We have the expertise and experience in working and fixing all types of doors for commercial and industrial premises. Ours is a ONE STOP SHOP for all your door requirements.

We do commercial doors like Shop and Factories look for quick, easy access to and from buildings to keep their operations streamlined. Without easy, safe and fast access your manufacturing processes or distribution lines can come to a halt. Whether it is rapid rise doors for forklift and truck access, or insulated freezer doors, or loading dock equipment, we can provide a range of solutions.